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Book description:

“As a resident doctor, you occupy two worlds simultaneously,” notes Dr. Vivian Tam in her introduction to this ground-breaking anthology. “Occupying this liminal space is one of the most challenging, rewarding, and dizzyingly fast-paced journeys most of us have been on.”

One resident navigates the emotions behind her decision to switch programs; another experiences the sacrifices of starting a family during residency; another switches from doctor to patient with a case of appendicitis. Throughout, the writers and artists in this anthology depict the challenges, rewards, and lessons of this unique time in a physician’s life, as only residents could.

Featuring work by:

  • Tehmina Ahmad
  • Aditi Amin
  • Phoebe Bao
  • Melanie Bechard
  • Ernest Chan
  • Georgia Chappell
  • Justin Chow
  • Avina De Simone
  • Katrina Dutkiewicz
  • Jalal Ebrahim
  • Mim Fatmi
  • Bernice Fonseka
  • Alessia Gallipoli
  • Amr Hamour
  • Prabhpreet Kaur Hundal
  • Gurpreet Jaswal
  • Caroline Just
  • Shawn Katuwapitiya
  • Esther Kim
  • Deborah Koh
  • Justin Koh
  • Ronald Leung
  • Nina Nguyen
  • Heather O’Halloran
  • Justin Oh
  • Lucie Pivnick
  • Beatrice Preti
  • Kaylynn Purdy
  • Suzanne Robinson
  • Calvin Santiago
  • Kayla Simms
  • Sarah Silverberg
  • Sarah Smith
  • Emily Stewart
  • Seyara Shwetz
  • Vivian Tam
  • Genevieve Teng
  • Jennifer Woo
  • Andrea Zumrova

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by Vivian Tam

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